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Why professional measurement matters

A key component to any remodel is accurate measurements, whether it’s for flooring, window treatments or other fixtures such as furniture. When you are remodeling, you need accurate flooring measurements to know how it will all fit together.

Using Midwest Floor Solution’s Professional Measuring Service allows you to:

  • Order the right amount of material and properly budget your project.
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.
  • Properly organize and record measurements for the professionals.

How to use in-home measurement to plan a project

Having accurate measurements can be a good way to begin mapping out the areas of your home that you want to remodel. You can sit with our experts and see how furniture, flooring, and other fixtures can be arranged to fit together to make a great interior design.
Floor Measurements at Midwest Floor Solutions

Professtional measurement VS. amateur measurement

Taking measurements might seem easy, but here's what you need to consider:

- Even a small mistake can equal big costs. Being off by half an inch doesn’t seem that serious—that is, until you order a marble countertop and realize it doesn’t fit! The same applies to flooring.

- Measuring can feel like it’s taking forever. You could spend more time than you think taking measurements throughout your home. It takes painstaking care and knowing how to use the proper tools to get everything measured correctly. A professional can work through an entire home in a fraction of the time.

- Measurements need to be organized. It’s important that when you contact a manufacturer or visit a retailer that you have your measurements organized correctly. Is it width by height by depth, or the other way around? A long list of numbers, organized incorrectly, can be costly. We take care in the organizing and laying out your home's measurements for easy use.

Don’t leave this important step to chance. Contact Midwest Floor Solutions for professional measurement services today.

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